Maruti Genuine Parts (MGP)  
  Your Maruti is an automotive marvel and the pride of millions of owners. Every Component is specially designed to deliver unmatched Performance, Safety & Comport.  
  Be it Oil, Fuel & Air Filters, Water Pump, Clutch Disc & Cover, Control Cables, Pistons, CB Points, Piston Rings, Radiators, Oil Pumps, Fuel Pumps, Drive Shafts, Coolants, Wiper, Head Lights, Brake Shoe/Brake Pad, Steering Linkages, Wiring Harnesses, Oil Pressure Switches, Brake Cables, Tie Rod End/Tie Rod Steering, Suspension Arm, Struts, Shock Absorbers, Suspension Arm Bushes, Coil Springs, Rear Leaf Spring Bushes, or any other part. But no part, no matter how stringently engineered, is designed to last forever. So should the need for replacement ever arise, beware of spurious spares.

These cheap imitations lead to expensive consequences, both to precious live and machine. Frequently burden your pocket with steep fuel and maintenance bills. Reduce your prized possession to a price of junk. You bought a stallion. Why get saddled with a mule? You are guaranteed outstanding performance with Maruti Genuine Parts. Performance that comes from genuine parts, made to the standards of the originals fitted in every new Maruti. These are authenticated by Suzuki Motor Corporation & Maruti Udyog Ltd with Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. Moreover, MPFI vehicles which give you better performance, require even better care, especially in terms of usage of Maruti Genuine Parts.
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